Startup & Shutdown Tutorial

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You do not need any program to do non-animated startup and shutdown screens. You can do them manually. To do it the old fashioned way, or if the XrX version 2 doesn't work right on your system, read this beginning section and then click here to begin. If you want to animate your screens, and make your life easier, download the very small XRX Add Bar freeware program here. The version 2 beta allows you to work with all standard image formats and doesn't require you to reduce the colors yourself. The beta is VERY easy to use. If the beta doesn't work on your system, then version 1 instructions and screenshots are included in the link above..

Just a little info before you begin... Windows will only allow animation of the startup screen, so don't put a bar on your shutdown screens. Here is the naming scheme:
logo.sys (startup screen that can be animated located in C:\)
logow.sys (waiting for shutdown in C:\Windows)
logos.sys (shutdown complete in C:\Windows)

After you create your screens, there is another freeware program called LogoZip that will create a very professional installer and help file. These will NOT work with XP or ME. It will also allow users to uninstall the logo screen when run again. To download the very small LogoZip program, click on the icon below. A LogoZip tutorial follows the animation tutorial.


XRX Add Bar Version 2

Once you have downloaded the XRX Add Bar 2 program, here are the steps for making your screens.

  1. Create your 3 screens. You can do them in any size or any format. You will have the option to "stretch" your image to standard logo size or to have XRX keep your proportions. I usually create mine at 1024x768 since that's the size wallpaper I make.
  2. Open the XRX program and click the "Load" button.

  3. To have your image fill up the screen and stretch out properly, leave the "Maintain aspect ration" box unchecked. If you are making your startup screen, check to leave room for the animated bar.

  4. Click the "Add" button to add an animated bar.

  5. Put in the RGB values for the colors you want and click "apply".

  6. You will now see your startup screen with the animated bar. If you don't like the colors, you can always click the "add" button and start again. If you want to install the startup screen, click the install button. If you want to save it as logo.sys, click the save as button.
  7. The shutdown screens are basically the same except for one exception. You want to uncheck both of the boxes. The waiting screen is logow.sys and the shutdown complete is logos.sys.

  8. **NOTE- The border option on the screens above will place a border around your screen.

That's all there is to it! If you want to create an installer for your logo screens, download the LogoZip program.

Creating an Installer

The LogoZip program not only creates a very professional installer, but running the program again will restore the users original logo files (before they installed your screens). It also creates a Windows help file. Together with the XrX program, you have two very powerful and FREE utilities! Remember that these created files will not work with XP or ME.

  1. Open the LogoZip program.
  2. Click on the small buttons on the right to browse for your logo files and then enter the name of your files.

  3. Then click the ZIP button and you're all set. It's that easy!


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