Self Installing Font Tutorial

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When you want to use a specific font with your theme, it needs to be in the Windows registry before it will show. There are a couple ways around this problem. If you use a program like Desktop Architect to create an automatic installer, it will package fonts, but it will require reboot. If you want to a clickable installer, you can use a neat small (18k) freeware program called Font.EXE. Here are instructions for using this program.


  1. Download the Font.EXE program here.
  2. Unzip the program to a directory of your choice.
  3. Using the Add Shortcut option, add the FontEXE icon to the folder of your choice.
  4. Drag a font on to your desktop from your Windows/Font directory. Remember that you have now REMOVED this font from your directory. Be sure to drag it back!
  5. Drag the font from the desktop either onto the icon you have created in a folder or onto the font.exe file itself within Windows Explorers. When you drag it, make sure that either the icon or the font.exe file are highlighted. Both screenshots are shown below. ONTO ICON


  6. If you have drug the font file correctly, you will now have an exe installer program on your desktop. Just drag this file where you want it. Be sure to either RUN the program to put your font back, or drag the font back into your fonts folder.

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